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Addison Robinson is the epitome of "The She Got Next Award!" Her tenacity and determination separate her from the rest when we think about our Generational Z sisters. Addison is dedicated to her career and dreams, as represented in her biography. She is a Next Gen Female Leader who actively seeks ways to maximize her potential and has a proven record of leadership on her college campus. Addison is a graduate of Mercer University, has an MBA, and is currently in Law School at Mercer University Law, pursuing her life's dream of becoming a Family Lawyer while working to impact social injustices that we face in society daily. Additionally, this young lady represents the next generation as a mentor and leader in her law program by being a Representative on the executive board of the Mercer Black Law Students Association chapter.

This young Lady is passionate about uplifting her community.

Haley Alyssa McGhee, a junior at Hampton University seeking her undergraduate/graduate degrees at Hampton University. Because of her commitment to academics, her extra-curricular involvement, and her desire to succeed beyond the secondary level, Ms. McGhee is an outstanding student.


Academically, Haley McGhee has maintained a 3.0 or higher throughout her journey thus far at Hampton University. At Hampton University, she is very conscientious about her academics.

She studies and works diligently to meet the objectives of the tasks assigned to her. She often

exceeds the expectations of her evaluator.  A focused young lady, she also sets goals and then works with dedication and determination until these goals are reached.


She is an active member in the Freddye T. Davy Honors College as well as active in other clubs and organizations on campus. Haley has seized her opportunity while attending the illustrious Hampton University.


Haley will be leaving her mark on campus as well by starting her own organization on campus called "To The Little Black Girl That•.  Besides that, she is a member of the "National Black MBA Association", holds two leadership positions within the five year MBA program, a member of "Queen In You," as well as a member of "Generation Action." Haley also danced on Ebony Fire for two years, her freshman and sophomore years.


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