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At Jackson HR, we believe in building brighter futures through connections. Together, we’re redefining the world of work, reshaping workplace development and diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes, and unlocking the new workplace culture that places emphasis on people. We do this by meeting the needs of today and tomorrow. By understanding the fundamentals of people strategy—leadership, culture, talent, re-skilling, and innovation in the workplace environment. Jackson HR is turning ideas into action to spark positive change. For over 10 years, we’ve been providing HR advisory services and solutions that help companies with expert and knowledgeable human resources support that reduces that reduces the burden on an internal HR department, fill in the gaps with larger companies when needed, or offer professional development, professional compliance, and regulatory guidance. Additionally, Jackson HR is in the people business and values the needs of the community. As a certified women-owned business, we have committed to gender diversity programs and initiatives by creating a community for women’s empowerment called “ The National Women’s Empowerment Ministry” that fulfills our social responsibility in providing tools and guidance on personal and professional development for women in leadership.

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